Harman Kardon Aura Studio 3 – Elegant, BT Wireless Speaker with Premium Design and Ambient Lighting- Black


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  • Distinctive, elegant design
  • Exceptional 360-degree sound
  • Ambient lighting
  • Wireless streaming with Bluetooth
  • Included Components: 1X Harman Kardon Aura Studio 3,1X Power Cable,1X Quick Start Guide,1X Safety Sheet,1X Warranty Card
  • Power Source Type: Corded Electric

After nearly 3 years since version 2, Harman Kardon has officially released the Aura Studio 3, its “penetrating” speaker line ( it may be a brand’s symbol) with a major change in appearance and especially the increase of more than 3 times the capacity of the sub speaker.

Developed from iSub and Soundsticks models that have been produced around for more than 20 years, but until now, Aura Studio’s designs have never been outdated thanks to super-realistic, transparent and timeless design.

As you may know, iSub and Soundsticks are collaborated products from Harman Kardon and Apple, and are designed  by Jony Ive – former chief designer of Apple – the man behind many “legendary” products such as iPhone, iMac. , iPod …

With Aura Studio 3, Harman Kardon continues to show off the strengths which are inherited from previous generations and also make many major changes and at the same time the price has increased to more than 1 million, reaching 6.9 million per unit. So how did these changes work? Let’s find out in detail the following review of BiaReview.

Eye-catching, stranger design and not like the speakers at all

Thanks to the unique transparent dome design inherited from previous generations, Aura Studio 3 has made many people surprised because it looks like a lamb, a thing for decoration or even … Blender instead of being a Bluetooth speaker.

The transparent dome is still made from mica plastic like the previous generations but has been made more sophisticatedly, looks more like glass and darker than Aura Studio 2, creating the luxury that is needed in a premium product. In addition to the aesthetic purpose, this dome also has the main task of to be a resonating chamber for a fuller bass sound. The noted point is that this plastic layer is still vulnerable to scratches and dust, so you need to be very careful when cleaning or moving the speaker.

Another “premium point” of the iSub, Soundsticks or Aura Studio speakers in the past is the ventilation tube for the sub speaker that extends from the top of the speaker to its body. This detail has been removed on Aura Studio 3. This can be considered a reasonable decision which is advocated by Harman Kardon users because the air duct has been complained because it is easy to attach dust, insects. even able to close the web inside and almost impossible to clean. The top of the speaker is now completely sealed, slightly concave inward with eye-catching wavy lines.

Thanks to the “penetration” cover from the top of the speaker to the body, Aura Studio 3 can precisely reveal the entire interior inside. This area is made with quite wavy details with “monumental” LED Ambient Light which is ready to help the Harman Kardon speaker “glow” literally, especially in the dark.

Harman Kardon also knows how to “show off”: from the moment the power is turned on, the lights will shine in combination with the compelling starting sound for the purpose of urging users to the music hidden inside.

Removing the air duct has helped the light to spread more evenly, covering the entire dome and reflecting the entire lamp cluster below, creating a “more enchanted” appearance than previous versions.

In addition to decorative purposes, the LED system is also responsible for displaying the volume level whenever there is a change or notification of Bluetooth status.

Unfortunately, this part has only one single programmed mode: slowly spreading the light from the center to the surrounding, but not “dancing” to the beat of the music like other products.Furthermore, when playing music, the light is only white and turns blue when Bluetooth pairing is needed, not a flexible color-changing RGB type.

Minimalist controlling system

Following the minimalist style, the number of controlling buttons of Aura Studio 3 has decreased substantially. There are only volume up and down buttons on the front, and power and Bluetooth buttons on the back. The speaker also has a 3.5mm audio jack so you can use it with a separate DAC or non-Bluetooth devices like TVs and PCs.

All of these buttons are so sensitive and the users can operate the machine with slight touches. One change in version 3 is that the calling button has been removed which means the speaker is no longer having a mic and can not be used as a speaker.

In addition, another cut is that Aura Studio 3 no longer features Wireless Dual Sound feature, which allows users to link the two Aura together or combine with another Harman Kardon product to create a dual, multi-speaker system and multi-channels.

Please to be noted that Aura Studio 3 does not have a battery so it will always need to be plugged in to be used.Alos, It cannot be paused or play a music order, skip back and forth or select sources. The speaker will always prioritize Bluetooth connectivity so when you need to listen to music using the 3.5mm port, you need to disconnect all previous bluetooth devices.

A good point is that after 10 minutes of not playing music or performing any action, Aura Studio 3 will automatically switch to standby mode with only 30% of LED lights turned on to save power. If there are no further interactions for another 10 minutes, the speaker will go into sleep mode and turn off all the LEDs so that it consumes almost no power at all.

Just turn the music back on from any source including both Bluetooth and 3.5mm jack, Aura Studio 3 will immediately wake up and be ready to go so it is easy for you to forget about the power button and no need to worry about your electricity bill every month anymore.

Using Bluetooth 4.2 technology, Aura Studio 3 allows users to connect with 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time so users can both pair with their phone and laptop, and easily play music from these devices. At the same time, the speakers can remember up to 20 devices that have ever been connected, so the whole family or company can share them without cumbersome switching.

On the other hand, a slightly inconvenient detail during the experiment process is that the power button and Bluetooth button are located on the back so when making orders, you will have to lean out your body to be able to touch this button. We don’t know why Harman Kardon does not place these two buttons in more convenient locations, such as the right or left edge. Luckily, the company has made the power button concave and the Bluetooth button protrude for easy distinction, avoiding accidental pressing by users

Using Aura Studio 3 is completely simple, just plug it in, turn on the power, turn on Bluetooth and connect to your phone or laptop. Aura Studio 3 supports Bluetooth 4.2 with profiles A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.6. However, I still hope Harman Kardon provides an app for smartphones to be able to control this speaker remotely, or at least turn the power off or refine a little Equalizer.

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Harman Kardon Aura Studio 3 – Elegant, BT Wireless Speaker with Premium Design and Ambient Lighting- Black


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