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Seagate 4TB Internal Hard Drive for CCTV and Desktop

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SKU: seagate-2tb-internal-hard-drive-cctv-desktop-sata
  • Internal Storage Disk
  • Store active archive data
  • Low power consumption
  • Reduced heat generation
  • Memory: 4TB HDD


In stock

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The Seagate Pipeline 4TB Hard Drive works with PC, Mac, CCTV DVR, NAS, and RAID.

The Seagate multipurpose Desktop computer /CCTV DVR Hard Disk – 4TB is designed for enthusiasts and creative professionals looking for leading-edge performance. This 3.5 inch mobile drives are ideal for high-performance applications like photo and video editing, gaming and power PCs This internal hard drive is a breeze to install, allowing you to simply use it in systems supporting SATA I and SATA II interfaces. In addition, you can save all your cherished uploaded digital photos, software packages, and high-definition videos without difficulty as the Seagate Pipeline HD has sufficient storage capacity.

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