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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 UV Screen Protector With UV Liquid Glue And UV Light Dryer

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Liquid Full Glue Tempered Glass UV Screen Protector for Samsung Note 20
UV Full Adhesive Tempered Glass Film For Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Screen Protector FINGERPRINT UNLOCK Luquid UV Glue UV Light Tempered Glass For Samsung Galaxy Note 20
9H Surface Hardness
0.33mm Slim Tempered Glass
Anti-Shattered Glass Film
Nanoscale Optical Adhesives Are Fully Adsorbed


In stock


Step 1 :Clean the screen with the wet wipe and cloth and removing any case from you phone
Step 2 :Stick the key hole with a label,and then use a knife or scissor open the liquid adhesive box,drop it on the screen(It is recommended that the glue be poured completely.The glue that drops on the screen can’t have air bubbles, if there is air bubble, use the needle to pierce the air bubble to let go air.)
Step 3 :Peel off the mask film from the glass,then place the screen protector to a suitable position on your deviceSLOWLY.PLEASE DO NOT LIFT AND PRESS THE GLASS TO LET THE ADHESIVE SPREAD,JUST LET IT AUTOMATIC DISPERSION.(Very important)
Step 4 :Wait for about half a minute to let the adhesive spread and level.
Step 5 :If the adhesive overflow, wipe off with a clean cloth. After checking the retention criteria for the mobile phone’s tempered film, the lamp was turned back and forth several times around the edge of the phone, and after 3 seconds of initial curing (not in the middle), the edge glue was wiped again until the glue overflowed. (Prevent white edges or long bubbles on edges)
Step 6 :Wait for the exhaust to complete, after the glue overflows cleanly, after the positioning standard of the tempered film is satisfied, turn on the light. Otherwise scrapped material.
Step 7 :Irradiate the mobile phone under UV lamp and need to illuminate twice for about 3 minutes to reach the fully-cured position.
Step 8 :Clear the screen,and turn off the UV lamp for reuse.


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